assist | assist with house trouble


In order to be able to respond to any problems,we have specialist staff with high technology in various fields,and we have sales bases throughout Japan and respond nationwide. The call center staff and the local staff all work together to solve the problems as soon as possible for you. The words from the heart of "It was good to use your service" is our greatest pleasure and motive force.

  • Water trouble

    Water leak,bath,kitchen,faucet,toilet blockage,drainage port,piping trouble,trouble of single faucet,mixer tap,others

  • Waste collection

    Collection of unneeded goods,moving services,property arrangement,tidying up for corporate customers,tidying up of garbage house,etc.

  • Electrical trouble

    Antenna construction,ventilation fan construction,wiring construction,intercom construction,electric leakage construction,lighting construction,fluorescent light construction and replacement,TV repair,outlet replacement and mounting,commercial air conditioner,commercial refrigerator,etc.

  • Pest control

    Cockroach control,tick and flea control,termite control,caterpillar control,bee control and other pests

  • Vermin

    Mouse control,Weasel control,Haikushin control,pigeon control,mole control,Bat control,Bat control,Tanuki control,Raccoon control,etc.

  • Mowing

    Plant pruning,garden pruning,hedge pruning,garden felling,garden pruning,ivy weed removal,disinfection work,grass work,etc.

  • clean up

    Bathroom,carpet,cloth,ventilation fan,kitchen,toilet,veranda,washbasin,air conditioner,washing machine,glass sash,regular cleaning,etc.

  • Air conditioner

    Air conditioning installation,air conditioning removal,air conditioning cleaning,air conditioning repair,etc.

  • key

    Key loss / not open / damage / break / exchange,building keys to car / bike keys,safe keys etc. Request here

  • Glass

    I want to change the type of glass breakage,the type of window glass,I want to replace with security glass,etc.

  • Gas

    Gas water heater installation,Eco Joes installation,gas range installation,water heater installation,built-in stove installation,other installation,replacement and repair

  • Handyman

    Moving,moving furniture,moving furniture,assembling furniture,lifting furniture,hanging out,working at heights,installing furniture,removing storage,do-it-yourself,agency,etc.

  • Computer

    Repair,startup failure / operation failure,various settings / network connection,virus infection trouble,password,data recovery / restoration,etc.

  • Interior work

    Cross,floor,bathroom,kitchen,toilet,wash basin,two-family,disabled,lighting layout change,office renovation,store renovation,etc.

  • External structure

    Around the gate,around the garage,around the garden,etc.

  • Exterior wall painting

    Exterior wall painting,roof painting,block fence painting,fence painting,wood deck painting,tile painting,interior painting,furniture painting,flooring,etc.

  • Roof

    Repair of roofs and tiles,resurfacing of roofs,repair and repair of rain leaks,renovation and maintenance,etc.

  • Signboard

    Production and installation of signs,repair of signs,bulb replacement of signs,cleaning of signs,removal and disposal of signs,etc.

  • Dismantling

    House dismantling,storeroom dismantling,carport dismantling,firewood dismantling,other dismantling

  • Special cleaning

    Removal of filth,extermination of pests,deodorant,deodorization,sterilization,disinfection,interior work,remodeling,arrangement of remains,etc.

  • Remains arrangement

    Organizing artifacts,offering artifacts,cleaning rooms,etc.


We are always looking for companies that can handle the house maintenance and emergency trouble business across the country. We are currently working with various companies and craftsmen. We are looking for further business expansion in the future,and we need the power of companies and craftsmen who can be active in various regions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.