assist | assist with house trouble

「全国の困ったに応えたい」 「全国の困ったに応えたい」

Usually people can not predict when the troubles occur in your life,and there are always someone in trouble. ASSIST Co.,Ltd. started with the desire to create a company that can be rushed to you immediately. It is our greatest pleasure and impetus to be able to help those in need.


We provide essential services in our daily lives to quickly solve various house problems that occur suddenly in our daily lives. We can not predict when problems will occur in our lives. We have established a system that allows customers to come to our customers anytime.

素早くお客様の元へ駆けつけるために 素早くお客様の元へ駆けつけるために

We,Assist,aim to provide speedy service by making use of our know-how in order to reach customers quickly.


Overwhelming number of bases,10000 places.

We have many bases throughout the country. By covering with a large number of staff,it is possible to visit your customer earlier than anywhere else. In addition,it is possible to solve the problem quickly because the working vehicles with various equipment and skilled staff will ask you to handle various problems.


Rush to many customers

We use our know-how in order to help many of our customers,and we have put in place a system that enables our working staff to efficiently reach out to customers. In addition,we can offer low-cost services because there are many that can be visited on a single day.


ハウストラブルならアシストにお任せ下さい ハウストラブルならアシストにお任せ下さい

In order to respond to any problems,we have specialist staff with high technology in various fields such as water supply,collection of unnecessary items,electrical troubles,air conditioners,etc.,and we have sales bases throughout Japan and respond nationwide.

  • Harmful bird

  • Roof

  • Rain leak

  • Bat

  • Outlet switch

  • Wiretap

  • Rubbing

  • Ventilation fan

  • Air conditioner

  • Water leak

  • Washing machine

  • Mouse

  • cockroach

  • Piano tuning
    and repair

  • Reform
    around water

  • Bran ・shoji

  • Antenna electrical

  • Waterproof

  • shutter

  • surveillance camera

  • Screen,glass

  • Logging
    and pruning

  • Exterior
    wall painting

  • Bee

  • door knob

  • Termite

  • toilet

  • tatami

  • Dani・flea・Nanjing
    insect・Bed bug

  • key

  • computer

  • Furniture repair
    and assembly

  • House cleaning

  • Housework

  • Pet funeral

  • Fitting replacement
    and repair

  • Demolition work

  • Exterior

  • intercom

  • Block construction

  • Ground survey

  • Vermin

  • Turf

  • gravel

  • Mowing

  • Data recovery

  • Water heater

  • Electric leakage

  • Waste collection

  • gas

  • Signboard

  • Interior work



We are always looking for companies that can handle the house maintenance and emergency trouble business across the country. We are currently working with various companies and craftsmen. We are looking for further business expansion in the future,and we need the power of companies and craftsmen who can be active in various regions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.



The people we seek are those who have a venture mind with ambition and a spirit of challenge. We give priority to personality over skills and work experience. In a company style that makes it easy to express an opinion,we will actively adopt good ideas,so those who are willing to work will be able to be active immediately. We look forward to the people who can grow together with the future of the company.